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Vitosol 100 - high performance, attractive prices

£1,993.63, 3-5 person household above tiles
£2,216.77, 3-5 person household integrated into tiles

To buy Freephone 0800 783 78 76


Vitosol 100 panel

The sleek lines of this flat panel solar collector allow it to be integrated into the roof line of new buildings or sit just above the roof covering of existing properties. Coloured edge covers, which are available as accessories, give a seamless finish between the collector surface and the roof.

The panels are constructed from corrosion resistant materials such as aluminium, copper and stainless steel plus special 4mm solar glass. The highly selective Sol-Titanium coating makes a highly efficient collector and the construction ensures a long service life.

Up to ten panels can be swiftly and easily installed thanks to the Viessmann connection system. 2.71m2 and 5.25m2 panels are available with active absorber areas of 2.5m2 or 4.76m2 respectively.

Graph showing the size of Vitosol 100 panel required

Graph showing the Vitosol 100 absorber area needed (see 'aperture' scale) to supply x% of hot water at a standby temperature of 45 degrees Celsius assuming average incoming water temperature of 10 degrees Celsius. Average consumption is between 30 and 60 litres per day per person so, for a four person household, an absorber area of 6m2 would provide roughly 60% of hot water needs annually.



Vitosol 100 panel

A Vitosol 100 panel


Vitosol 100 design

Corrosion resistant construction


Vistosol 100 connection system

The 'Plug in' system makes installation easier

Viessmann logo



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